Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mushrooms, Mushrooms, Mushrooms EVERYWHERE !!!!

I know allot of time has passed since my last entry, and I have no doubt all my followers have been biting their nails waiting for the next installment of "Life in Eastrun"...  I say that with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. LOL

 On a recent walk in the fields and woods above "The Valley", we discovered a vast assortment of mushrooms growing.  All kinds of colors and textures.  I know very little about mushrooms. I only eat the ones that come wrapped in cellophane, with a bar-code in a nice little container labeled "Moonlight". 
 But, after being on this walk, I was thinking how nice it would be to venture into the woods and find great tasting mushrooms to add to your favorite dishes.
 That was a great idea until you start doing research into the "good" mushrooms verses the "bad" mushrooms...  and the more you talk with people about finding the good ones, the more you hear stories of how dangerous the bad ones can be.

  You know the stories I'm referring to...  They always go a little like this: " Oh yeah, the mushrooms you find in the woods are nothing like those bland tasteless things you get at the supermarket !  BUT, you have to be careful... Some of the (insert mushroom name here) can look allot like the (insert other mushroom name here) and if you get the wrong ones, you can get really sick !!!"
 OR, you happen to be talking with a "noted authority" about finding the so called good mushrooms, when he/she says something like " I learned everything I know from Old Mr. So-and-So. Now there was a guy who knew his mushrooms. But even he made a few mistakes along the way, and if he hadn't eaten that bad batch of (insert mushroom name here) he would still be with us today ". 
 Ahhhh.... Yeah !!!  I don't think so !!!!

 So, the long story shortened is this;  I'll leave the mushrooms in the woods and enjoy "gathering" them as images in my new fangled digital camera. I'll share them with my friends and family in this blog, and send them out to people interested in seeing all the varieties we have growing here in "The Valley".  I'll rest easy knowing there is no way I can do harm to myself or my friends.

 Enjoy these pictures and if you see a mushroom in the photos that you know happens to be a "good" one....  I would be happy to show you where they are growing.   But, remember what Old Mr. So-and-So did to himself....

 Until next time, keep healthy and happy.  I have to get into the kitchen,  It is time to add the "moonlight" mushrooms to the pot roast I have on the stove...  Tee Heee

 Bye for now