Sunday, April 8, 2018

Kirby, The Best Puppy in all of Puppy-land He will be missed.

It has been a long time since my last entry. 
But, I'm writing today as a way to honor our beloved Kirby.
He was Jon's companion every day in the Piano Workshop and around the house while I was gone all day to work.
 Kirby was our traveling companion of motoring trips to visit family and friends.
He was always a gentleman at other people's home.. (Well, there was that one time in Houston, BUT he was encouraged by the lovely Mila.. you know how a girl can be when she wants something..)
 Kirby will be missed for a long long time.
 It has been over 3 months now, and I still think I see him in his usual places around the house, when I turn a corner or walk into a room... but he isn't there.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One last fall adventure with the 1925 Franklin

The weekend was OURS !!! The weather was splendid, for one last weekend adventure with the 1925 Franklin.
 We gathered up a few things to eat and drink, packed them into the trunk on the back of the car, and started off for Clearfield, Pennsylvania to join up with our friend Mac and his 1922 Franklin touring Car.
 A crisp late fall day, but even with clear skies and sun warming our faces, the occupants of the Touring Car had to be bundled up against the cold morning air.  Even Kirby, "The wonder puppy of East Run" had to be under wraps... and he was wearing his fur coat !
 So, off we motored into the woods and fresh air in the mountains above Clearfield, Pennsylvania.
 Our party consisted of Kirby, Mac, Our friend Trixy and her husband Mark, J.P. & Myself. 

Mean while, Trixy and I were comfortably being warmed by the very efficient heater in the 1925 Franklin Sedan....  no need for coats or lap robes when you are traveling along in the comfort of an "all weather" automobile.
 Our first stop was to a large rock outcropping called "Panther Rocks".  There was a place to pull the cars off the dirt road and park.  We followed the path into the woods until we found our way to The rocks.
 Kirby was full of energy, and ran all over and around, and sometimes even under,  following the scent of chipmunks and squirrels.
After stretching our legs and feeling the need to move on to more of the adventure, we followed Mac along until we reached a lake.  It is man made by the Bureau of forestry at the site of an old inn called Shaggers Inn.
There was a place to sit at the water's edge, and feel the afternoon sun on our faces.
 I couldn't help but think how nice it would be to have a summer time picnic there when the weather gets warm again.

We had to keep a close watch on Kirby, because he was all set to run into the lake and take a swim....

Trixy and Mark were feeling the sun on their faces, J.P settled in for a nice rest while being warmed by the sun...  and I kept taking pictures to remember the days activities.
Mac has an idea for a tech. article he would like to write.  He plans to experiment with the cooling efficiency of the Franklin Air Cooled engines, and discover the differences between the engine temperatures while the cars are working hard going up a hill, or coasting along on the level roads, and even when they are effortlessly motoring down a slight grade.
 There were a few times during our adventure that we pulled over to take readings from the engines with an instant laser heat reading device.
 Quickly, we would pull off to the side of the road, and up goes the hood of the cars, so Mac could get as accurate a reading as possible.
 When the signal was given, we would pull off the road, and everyone would jump out and do what we could to get the hoods up for Mac to go about his experiment....
 It all had a reminiscent effect of a Chinese fire drill, all of us jumping out of the cars and running around !!!
 Mac was so serious, while the rest of us saw it with unbridled humour, and laughing.

The final destination of the day was to visit friends of Mac's, at their camp site.  They have a nifty little place that was built in the 1920's on state game lands.  Just far enough from town to feel like you have gotten away from it all, but then if you've forgotten something important back at home, you can always go back for it if you really feel you need it.
 The entire place has a sort of rustic charm about it, but running water and electricity lends the place a simple nod to modern conveniences.
 There was a fire in the fire pit to stand and warm ourselves near, and we enjoyed some snacks and beverages with Mac's friends.  They were very friendly and fun to get to know.
With the sun getting low in the west, it was time to gather our things and head back for town.  It would be about an hour and a half to drive back on the dirt roads up over the mountains and into Clearfield.
Our Franklins provided us with another days worth of adventure and excitement as we explored old rail beds and long forgotten logging roads through the woods and over the mountains, along babbling brooks and streams.
 I can't wait to be able to dust off the car at the first sign of spring, and do it all over again. 
 Until the next time,
 Stay warm....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Here at Farnsworth House in East Run, Pennsylvania

The air has that crisp feel to it again. The feel of winter is in the wind that blows the dried leaves around.
So,  I drove over the mountain with the 1925 Franklin to gather up a few pumpkins for carving.

 My friend Trixy also grew a bunch of pumpkins this year.  But the pumpkins that came up in Trixy's garden where strictly a surprise.  Apparently there were pumpkin seeds in her compost that were still able to grow in the garden when she planted this spring.

 The assortment was varied, and we had a great time working on them.  First it was all about opening them up and pulling out the Pumpkin "Guts"... all that slime and seeds...  It went into a big bucket in the middle of the table. 
  Then everyone went about creating faces on the pumpkins.  Some would be smiles, and others would be frightening faces.  But all were delightful and fun.

 I personally think the best, most fun, scary, and well thought out pumpkin face was a scary one designed and carved by Trixy's husband, Mark.  It is a tall frightening face with sharp teeth and  sinister eyes...

  As for the Pumpkins that found their way to the front step of Farnsworth House...

 Well... lets just say,  Only happy looking pumpkins live here.  Smiles and a welcoming feeling at the door for when we have our little ghosts and goblins arrive for trick-or-treating.

  Have a happy and safe Halloween.....


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mushrooms, Mushrooms, Mushrooms EVERYWHERE !!!!

I know allot of time has passed since my last entry, and I have no doubt all my followers have been biting their nails waiting for the next installment of "Life in Eastrun"...  I say that with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. LOL

 On a recent walk in the fields and woods above "The Valley", we discovered a vast assortment of mushrooms growing.  All kinds of colors and textures.  I know very little about mushrooms. I only eat the ones that come wrapped in cellophane, with a bar-code in a nice little container labeled "Moonlight". 
 But, after being on this walk, I was thinking how nice it would be to venture into the woods and find great tasting mushrooms to add to your favorite dishes.
 That was a great idea until you start doing research into the "good" mushrooms verses the "bad" mushrooms...  and the more you talk with people about finding the good ones, the more you hear stories of how dangerous the bad ones can be.

  You know the stories I'm referring to...  They always go a little like this: " Oh yeah, the mushrooms you find in the woods are nothing like those bland tasteless things you get at the supermarket !  BUT, you have to be careful... Some of the (insert mushroom name here) can look allot like the (insert other mushroom name here) and if you get the wrong ones, you can get really sick !!!"
 OR, you happen to be talking with a "noted authority" about finding the so called good mushrooms, when he/she says something like " I learned everything I know from Old Mr. So-and-So. Now there was a guy who knew his mushrooms. But even he made a few mistakes along the way, and if he hadn't eaten that bad batch of (insert mushroom name here) he would still be with us today ". 
 Ahhhh.... Yeah !!!  I don't think so !!!!

 So, the long story shortened is this;  I'll leave the mushrooms in the woods and enjoy "gathering" them as images in my new fangled digital camera. I'll share them with my friends and family in this blog, and send them out to people interested in seeing all the varieties we have growing here in "The Valley".  I'll rest easy knowing there is no way I can do harm to myself or my friends.

 Enjoy these pictures and if you see a mushroom in the photos that you know happens to be a "good" one....  I would be happy to show you where they are growing.   But, remember what Old Mr. So-and-So did to himself....

 Until next time, keep healthy and happy.  I have to get into the kitchen,  It is time to add the "moonlight" mushrooms to the pot roast I have on the stove...  Tee Heee

 Bye for now

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On Tour with the Franklin

We have left "The Valley" for a week of touring with our 1925 Franklin automobile.  We are in central New York State in the Finger Lakes region.
 It is beautiful countryside and the weather is a little on the iffy side. Threats of rain, but then the sun comes out again.

There have been a few "break downs", but the repair crew has everything under control. 
 Will fill you in on more the the fun as it unfolds...
 This is a short entry because I have to get back to the fun....  
 enjoy the pictures and video of some of the very early cars on this tour.
 Until later.....

Monday, July 25, 2011

The East Run Valley Gathering .. July 24th, 2011

This is the third year for the annual Village of East Run gathering.

 Everybody was there...  and we had pot luck dinner, a fire for roasting marsh mellows, and plenty of stories about the "olden days"....
 One of the most talked about items was the lack of rain in the past three weeks and the heat wave.  Uncle Bob was saying he doesn't think there will be a second cutting on his hay fields.  There was even a discussion about the beavers that are building dams along the stream through the valley.  Apparently, Great Grand Dad used to say if the beavers are building dams up stream,  we will be getting a wet fall, and if they build their dam down stream, they know we are in for a dry fall.  The logic was lost on me, but I have noticed the beavers have stopped building dams along our part of the stream.  So, I'm going to watch the weather this fall... if the beaver are correct, it is going to be a dry fall.  I'll keep you posted about this.

 There was music played in the traditional way...  anyone with a "gift" and an instrument was invited to join in. Even Morgan, and her harmonica got in on the show.
We went out for a "hay ride" behind a vintage Farmall tractor.  The ride went down through the valley and past some of the other farms in the area.  Every one's houses and yards always look neat as a pin and well kept.
The food and tables were set up in Joe and Kathy's new barn... The barn is very new, it still doesn't have the sides put up yet.
 But that didn't matter because the real reason for being there was to have everyone together for a true community spirited gathering.

 When anyone asks how my summer is going, I always say "Everything and everyone in our little slice of paradise" is going along just fine...
 When the folks of East Run gather on a hot summer Sunday in July, you can be sure everything is right with the world.  From our vantage point, there is a calm and good feeling in the air, and if Darla (our valley comedian) gets her way,  the "rain dance" she was leading us with, from her favorite lawn chair will bring that second cutting of hay uncle Bob wants to put up for the winter to feed his cows.

 Until the next time......keep an eye out for some thunder showers!  Have your umbrella turned upside down...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Home from vacation...

WOW !!!!   The stories I have to share about our vacation are many and fun !!!
 We spent a week on Cape Cod.  Enjoying museums, restaurants, history, and parties.
 JP and I ventured up to Cape Cod to see our friends Matt and Cass from Washington DC get married...  They have been planning the wedding for some time, and had everything in place for a fun time for all !

Even though it rained, and the garden ceremony was moved inside... the event was PERFECT !
 The food, wine, vows, tributes from family and friends, and the setting all combined to make a magical time for our Dear Matt & Cass.

 JP and I found our way to Sandwich Ma. and to my family homestead.  It is now open as a museum, with the distinction of being the oldest home in The United States still owned by the original family descendants who built it.  It is the "Wing Fort House" in Sandwich Mass. Built in 1641. 

 When JP and I pulled up out front, it didn't look like anyone was around the place. So we got out of the car and started looking around the grounds.  Then I noticed the lock on the door was "opened", and I tried the door.  When it opened for me, I started to head into the house. JP got excited about my assumption that I could just walk right into a museum house like that...
 JP; "WHAT are you doing !?!?!?"
 Billy; "Going in."
 JP; "You can't just walk in like that !!!!"
Billy; " Sure I can...  It's my family home after !!!  Isn't it ??? "
 JP; " I can't believe you do things like this...."
 Billy; (looking back over my shoulder) "Come on, follow me..."
When I got inside, I got the feeling someone else was in there, and a creek on the floorboards from upstairs confirmed... JP and I were NOT alone in the house.
 I looked up the stairs and gave out a loud "Hellooooooo"  To which the response was "WHOs THERE !?!"
 I responded with "I'm William Woodcock, a descendant of Stephen Wing !!!!"
 The voice from above came back with " Oh,  Come on up !!! A pleasure to meet you ! I'm Dave Wheelock, the curator of this house for the Wing Family.
 Dave showed us around the house and told us stories about the home and history of the settlement. 
 I'll have to fill you in on my "Cousin Cora"... the last Wing to live in the house as a regular occupant....
 She lived there with her "Girlfriend" as I found out, and they were a couple of real live wires.  As the saying goes... " the leaf doesn't fall far from the tree"...  

 JP and also did something we never thought would happen to us.... We got married !!!
 YEAH... we tied the knot in Barnstable, Mass, and the Yarmouth Town Hall, on June 8th.
 We didn't tell anyone about it, because we didn't want to upstage any of the wedding excitement already in place for Matt and Cass....  So we secretly "ELOPED" and sent out cards to tell family and friends back home in "The Valley" what we did.

It was a delightful experience for us... and everyone was helpful and supportive with directions and paperwork.
 Even Judge Riley at the Barnstable Probate Court stopped a court proceding late in the day to sign paperwork for us, and was delighted to have us there "all the way from Pennsylvania" to be married on Cape Cod !
 The day couldn't have gone better for us...  The sun was out, everyone was friendly and fun, and the ceremony was delightful in every way.  It was relaxed and pleasant, intimate and meaningful.
 Even though JP and I have known each other for 24 years, and have been living together for 18 years... this was an event we found thrilling on every level. It even made us giggle like school kids every time we looked at each other and realized we ARE married in 5 states, and recognized in two others....
 Wholly Cats... this means we are on our Honeymoon !!!!
 We dropped cards in the mail to everyone we felt should know what we had done... and went about Cape Cod with a renewed enthusiasm for our vacation.
 One of our stops was to have lunch at the Daniel Webster in Sandwich Mass....  it is a very old inn that serves up a great lunch, and has been a regular stop for JP and I every time we are on Cape Cod.
Then over to the Heritage museum to see the cars and the gardens.

When we arrived in Province Town, our first stop after settling in at the Bayberry guest house was to have lunch at the Lobster Pot !!! 
 We met friends who were there from Manhattan for Matt & Cass' wedding, and caught up on all the latest over a bloody mary and lobster bisque.
Well,  I have always intended on keeping these entries short and easy to read through... but we packed so much into our time away... I have to take up just a little more of your time with one last story about our trip....
 This is to tell you about what we found when we got home to "The Valley"....
When we pulled into the driveway... I noticed balloons on the front step, and then white bows on the doors.
JP and I thought it was delightful that our "Valley Family" remembered us with a "Welcome home surprise"...
BUT.... the real surprise was about to reveal itself to us when we opened the front door....

 Our home had been invaded by well wishers who strung rainbow ribbons and streamers all over the place, and cards and signs of Congratulations, and flowers !!!   There was a wedding cake from Aunt Peggy....!!!!! 
 It was all overwhelming and fun...  So we called up everyone and had people over for cocktails and celebrations....
 Our "Valley Family" is truly wonderful !!!!   Our return home couldn't have been any better !!!
 Just when I thought  we were arriving home with no fanfare, and feeling a little "blue" that we got hitched, and there was hardly any celebratory excitement... The friends we love so dearly at home in "The Valley" came through for us !!!
 There isn't any other place I'd rather be.....

 Until the next time....  Stay tuned in.