Monday, July 25, 2011

The East Run Valley Gathering .. July 24th, 2011

This is the third year for the annual Village of East Run gathering.

 Everybody was there...  and we had pot luck dinner, a fire for roasting marsh mellows, and plenty of stories about the "olden days"....
 One of the most talked about items was the lack of rain in the past three weeks and the heat wave.  Uncle Bob was saying he doesn't think there will be a second cutting on his hay fields.  There was even a discussion about the beavers that are building dams along the stream through the valley.  Apparently, Great Grand Dad used to say if the beavers are building dams up stream,  we will be getting a wet fall, and if they build their dam down stream, they know we are in for a dry fall.  The logic was lost on me, but I have noticed the beavers have stopped building dams along our part of the stream.  So, I'm going to watch the weather this fall... if the beaver are correct, it is going to be a dry fall.  I'll keep you posted about this.

 There was music played in the traditional way...  anyone with a "gift" and an instrument was invited to join in. Even Morgan, and her harmonica got in on the show.
We went out for a "hay ride" behind a vintage Farmall tractor.  The ride went down through the valley and past some of the other farms in the area.  Every one's houses and yards always look neat as a pin and well kept.
The food and tables were set up in Joe and Kathy's new barn... The barn is very new, it still doesn't have the sides put up yet.
 But that didn't matter because the real reason for being there was to have everyone together for a true community spirited gathering.

 When anyone asks how my summer is going, I always say "Everything and everyone in our little slice of paradise" is going along just fine...
 When the folks of East Run gather on a hot summer Sunday in July, you can be sure everything is right with the world.  From our vantage point, there is a calm and good feeling in the air, and if Darla (our valley comedian) gets her way,  the "rain dance" she was leading us with, from her favorite lawn chair will bring that second cutting of hay uncle Bob wants to put up for the winter to feed his cows.

 Until the next time......keep an eye out for some thunder showers!  Have your umbrella turned upside down...

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  1. Looks like you all had a lovely day! Can't wait to get up there this fall.