Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vacation in the summer time

We have left East Run for a little vacation to New England.
Our first stop is Hartford Conn.
Kirby is along with us.  He is doing a great job of keeping the chipmunks in David & Fran's backyard on edge as he patrols the grounds.   The chipmunks have had to figure out creative ways and places to hide.
One chipmunk went up the downspout in the garden, and didn't come back out until late in the night, when the "coast was clear".

 The birds and squirrels in the back yard aren't safe either.

 We visited with our friend David R. and looked over his car collection.  He is an avid Hupp Mobile collector.  We went out to lunch and drove in his Studebaker station wagon.

Motoring along in stylish 1950's comfort !!!!

 And certainly you knew there would be cocktails while we are on vacation....   After all, it is five-0-clock somewhere.
From Hartford we will be heading to Cape Cod. 
 Cape Cod have always held out interest due to the history and slower pace of life there... once you get off the main roads and highways.
 We will keep you up to date as we continue this adventure.

 Until later,

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