Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Tropical Heatwave

It seems summer has arrived here in East Run on the high speed express train from the tropics !!!!   It is very unusual to have temps in the 90's at the end of May. But that is exactly what we are getting.  It was 92 degrees yesterday, and due to be hotter today. Never mind talking about the humidity....  it is on the Verge of unbearable.
 But, the nice thing about all this warm weather is the garden has exploded into a fury of color. The flowers in the meadow have started to open, and even the native plants in the woods are in bloom.
 Just the other day my friend Trixy called and asked if I wanted to take a stroll over the hillside to look for the native Lady Slipper orchids that always seem to come up in just the right place.
When we first come upon the Lady Slippers, it is always such an impressive moment.  There they are, in the woods with dappled sunlight filtering down through the trees, and pink blossoms scattered around the woodland floor.
  The Iris in my own garden have opened and are being showy.  Rewarding me with strong stems and copious amounts of flowers. 
  When I talked last year about the lack of blooms on my Iris with a noted authority from upper New Jersey. A dear friend of mine who basically got me started in growing Iris. He said, "Billy, I think you are giving them way too much attention, just ignore them and they will reward you with flowers"... He was right !!!   I left them alone last year. No mulch, fertilizer, just enough water to keep them from drying up and blowing away.  The results are astounding !!!  Thank you Dennis !

   Even Kirby, The Wonder Dog of "The Valley", thinks I've done a good job where the Iris are concerned.
 Well,  I have to close for the moment.  We have a friend visiting from England this week, and it is time to get the coffee going and start moving for the day. It is always such a treat to have visitors from far away places. So many people have found their way here to "The Valley" and we always hear the same thing from them.  "This is a slice of paradise"....  We know how lucky we are to be here and enjoy our quiet surroundings, with our "Valley Family" and everything that comes along with being here.
  I'll try to get more added here soon,
 Now that the weather is shaping up...  there are so many things that need my attention.... I think Kirby is getting a bath today also. 
 Until next time.

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