Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Here at Farnsworth House in East Run, Pennsylvania

The air has that crisp feel to it again. The feel of winter is in the wind that blows the dried leaves around.
So,  I drove over the mountain with the 1925 Franklin to gather up a few pumpkins for carving.

 My friend Trixy also grew a bunch of pumpkins this year.  But the pumpkins that came up in Trixy's garden where strictly a surprise.  Apparently there were pumpkin seeds in her compost that were still able to grow in the garden when she planted this spring.

 The assortment was varied, and we had a great time working on them.  First it was all about opening them up and pulling out the Pumpkin "Guts"... all that slime and seeds...  It went into a big bucket in the middle of the table. 
  Then everyone went about creating faces on the pumpkins.  Some would be smiles, and others would be frightening faces.  But all were delightful and fun.

 I personally think the best, most fun, scary, and well thought out pumpkin face was a scary one designed and carved by Trixy's husband, Mark.  It is a tall frightening face with sharp teeth and  sinister eyes...

  As for the Pumpkins that found their way to the front step of Farnsworth House...

 Well... lets just say,  Only happy looking pumpkins live here.  Smiles and a welcoming feeling at the door for when we have our little ghosts and goblins arrive for trick-or-treating.

  Have a happy and safe Halloween.....


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