Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One last fall adventure with the 1925 Franklin

The weekend was OURS !!! The weather was splendid, for one last weekend adventure with the 1925 Franklin.
 We gathered up a few things to eat and drink, packed them into the trunk on the back of the car, and started off for Clearfield, Pennsylvania to join up with our friend Mac and his 1922 Franklin touring Car.
 A crisp late fall day, but even with clear skies and sun warming our faces, the occupants of the Touring Car had to be bundled up against the cold morning air.  Even Kirby, "The wonder puppy of East Run" had to be under wraps... and he was wearing his fur coat !
 So, off we motored into the woods and fresh air in the mountains above Clearfield, Pennsylvania.
 Our party consisted of Kirby, Mac, Our friend Trixy and her husband Mark, J.P. & Myself. 

Mean while, Trixy and I were comfortably being warmed by the very efficient heater in the 1925 Franklin Sedan....  no need for coats or lap robes when you are traveling along in the comfort of an "all weather" automobile.
 Our first stop was to a large rock outcropping called "Panther Rocks".  There was a place to pull the cars off the dirt road and park.  We followed the path into the woods until we found our way to The rocks.
 Kirby was full of energy, and ran all over and around, and sometimes even under,  following the scent of chipmunks and squirrels.
After stretching our legs and feeling the need to move on to more of the adventure, we followed Mac along until we reached a lake.  It is man made by the Bureau of forestry at the site of an old inn called Shaggers Inn.
There was a place to sit at the water's edge, and feel the afternoon sun on our faces.
 I couldn't help but think how nice it would be to have a summer time picnic there when the weather gets warm again.

We had to keep a close watch on Kirby, because he was all set to run into the lake and take a swim....

Trixy and Mark were feeling the sun on their faces, J.P settled in for a nice rest while being warmed by the sun...  and I kept taking pictures to remember the days activities.
Mac has an idea for a tech. article he would like to write.  He plans to experiment with the cooling efficiency of the Franklin Air Cooled engines, and discover the differences between the engine temperatures while the cars are working hard going up a hill, or coasting along on the level roads, and even when they are effortlessly motoring down a slight grade.
 There were a few times during our adventure that we pulled over to take readings from the engines with an instant laser heat reading device.
 Quickly, we would pull off to the side of the road, and up goes the hood of the cars, so Mac could get as accurate a reading as possible.
 When the signal was given, we would pull off the road, and everyone would jump out and do what we could to get the hoods up for Mac to go about his experiment....
 It all had a reminiscent effect of a Chinese fire drill, all of us jumping out of the cars and running around !!!
 Mac was so serious, while the rest of us saw it with unbridled humour, and laughing.

The final destination of the day was to visit friends of Mac's, at their camp site.  They have a nifty little place that was built in the 1920's on state game lands.  Just far enough from town to feel like you have gotten away from it all, but then if you've forgotten something important back at home, you can always go back for it if you really feel you need it.
 The entire place has a sort of rustic charm about it, but running water and electricity lends the place a simple nod to modern conveniences.
 There was a fire in the fire pit to stand and warm ourselves near, and we enjoyed some snacks and beverages with Mac's friends.  They were very friendly and fun to get to know.
With the sun getting low in the west, it was time to gather our things and head back for town.  It would be about an hour and a half to drive back on the dirt roads up over the mountains and into Clearfield.
Our Franklins provided us with another days worth of adventure and excitement as we explored old rail beds and long forgotten logging roads through the woods and over the mountains, along babbling brooks and streams.
 I can't wait to be able to dust off the car at the first sign of spring, and do it all over again. 
 Until the next time,
 Stay warm....

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