Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If April Showers bring May Flowers, What do May Flowers bring ?

The answer is :  Soggy lawns and muddy puppy dog paw prints across the hardwood floors.
 Still raining here in Eastrun !   It is almost becoming a joke, only it isn't funny.  There have been very few breaks in the weather, and even less sunny moments.  Being a sun worshipper, I'm starting to feel a little like the flowers in the garden, craving some golden rays of sunshine.
 Today my week on my own comes to an end.  I will be picking JP up at the airport this evening.  It is amazing how fast a week can go by. 
 I had dinner with some friends during the week. Went on an artist and pottery studio tour on the weekend, worked in the yard between raindrops, and organized my workbench in preparation of the next phase of the 1928 Franklin car project.  It doesn't seem like much was accomplished when I write it down, but every day at the end of the day... I was worn out from all the activity.  Then there is looking after Kirby, cleaning the house, and making sure I look after myself.  I can see how easy it would be to become a hermit if left to my own devices.
 Trixy e-mailed me recently... she mentioned something about taking her Big Red Jeep Wranger on a "Deep woods exploration" for ferns.  I'm glad this expedition is HER idea.  The last daffodil run we made was MY idea, and she was caught off guard by poison ivy.  At least this time I can't be blamed as the reason for any mishaps of that nature.  I think its time to get Trixy a better pair of gardening gloves.  The kind that go half way up your arms.
 I'll keep you posted on how it goes.....
 Until next time.

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